Tuesday, June 15

Changes Are Coming!

I'm going to take a rare moment and update some news to everyone.

We are going to have a new website! Soon!! The countdown begins! On December 1, we will begin again with a new website layout expertly designed and implemented by the fabulous Hannah at Caffeinated Communications Studio. She has been so patient as we worked through design and technical details. We will be focused on the same great content of spiritual practices from a wide variety of views but expanding out to better feature our online magazine, the BeZine and to offer classes and discussion groups in a safe space apart from Facebook.

Isn't that awesome!!

Why are we doing this, you may ask? Because it is my dream to create a safe space for people to come and be who they desire to be. Safety is a high value of mine as it helps lead people through issues of self-doubt and shame towards joy. Safety, of course, does not mean we don't think or that we aren't challenged, but it does mean that we stick in there with each other.

I'm going to give you our first sneak peek at the new logo:


I look forward to exploring the future and beginning again with you!

PS: Since we are dreaming, what would be your dream for us?

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