Thursday, August 5


Bull-Sh** And The Bully Pulpit

Bull-Sh** And The Bully Pulpit

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Several times in the process of playing my role of “voice crying in the wilderness” against the plague of Trump and Trumpism, I have encountered relatively temperate and relatively reasonable Trump supporters who said that, no, they were revolted by Trump’s advocacy of violence against his critics, prejudice against Muslims, the muzzling of a free press, and his condoning of sexual assault, because, yes, they recognized the reality of offenses in all those areas against personal dignity and constitutional liberty. But … you could hear the thundering hoofbeats of the "But" all the way across the Galaxy … Trump did advocate several policies they supported. And, besides, they concluded, the Presidency was, by the design of the Framers, a pretty weak office, anyway, in fact, more or less a...
God As Trump … And Vice Versa — Part 2

God As Trump … And Vice Versa — Part 2

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In last week’s “Skeptic’s Collection" column, I started out discussing the multiple reasons that monotheistic religion is fundamentally inconsistent with the most basic tenets of any free society founded on and governed by principles derived from the European Enlightenment.  I ended up, in the last couple paragraphs – and against my initial intent – discussing Donald Trump and the similarities between Trump and any monotheistic god.  As I said at the time and said just now, that was not my original intent, which in the beginning was to just discuss the conflict between monotheistic religion and liberal (in the classical Enlightenment sense) societies. But, upon reflection, I discovered that this is an area where the tail really should wag the dog:  the dog idea of conflict between mono...
Burkini Enforcement:  On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

Burkini Enforcement: On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

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A very modest short-range extrapolation of recent events makes it quite reasonable to predict that, in the near future, France’s zeal to stand athwart the supposed Saracen tide ostensibly menacing European civilization will lead the French Senate and National Assembly to punish Muslim women who refuse to remove their burka-like beach- and swimwear by deporting them to some small, Third World country. But even if that possibility never materializes, the whole burkini prohibition does illustrate the difference between religious liberty as it exists in the US and as it exists in France, and in the process exemplifies the differences the European Enlightenment assumed in both places. It should also caution us left-wingers / progressives that, when conservative evangelical Christians critique “...