Friday, March 5


Small Kindness

Hope, Spirituality, wowh
As I talked and listened and laughed and played with the young people in detention, my heart was filled to overflowing. My throat, unfortunately, was becoming a parched desert! I was done after about 4 hours. I quickly ran back to visit one of the administrators in the 3 minutes before quitting time because I needed a signature. On my way to his office, I longingly glanced at the soda machine. Hey, I know soda isn't great for my body, but I was way past caring. I went into his office, came out and had to walk by *the machine* once again.  Sigh. I couldn't quite get past it without remarking, "I wish I had the change to get a soda-pop!" And lo, there she was. An angel with quarters buying me a Diet Coke. Thank you, Mary!! This is part of the BlogSplash being coordinated by Fiona Robyn t...