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Non-Meditation – Prayerful Tuesday

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In the last couple of weeks I have been reading a book by Jay Michaelson, Everything is God, The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism[1], who described a prayer practice I have been using for many years but didn’t know it was a prayer practice, Non-Distracted, Non-Meditation.  This prayer practice, as Michaelson describes it, has no focus, no sense of meditation, where you simply become very aware that you are aware.  This is not exactly mindfulness rather this is simply opening up and letting the world around impact your senses in sound, sight, smell, taste and touch.  It is becoming aware of who you are.  Sounds a bit contradictory doesn’t it? I have been practicing this manner of prayer for many years not knowing I was opening up to the Divine and letting Her in to the deep places of my h...
Un-Birthday Surprises – Prayerful Tuesday

Un-Birthday Surprises – Prayerful Tuesday

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  “I have come to believe that God, Truth, Beauty, Love—all those concepts I associate with the Divine—are not things that are “found” at the end of the path, like the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather are what I experience on the journey as I travel through life—or perhaps, more explicitly, they are the journey itself.”   Jan Phillips, No Ordinary Time[1] The above quote by Jan Phillips states beautifully one of the revelations of my own life.  Searching and hoping to ‘find’ love and truth is an exercise in futility.  Beauty, truth, love, and G-d come to me in those moments when I least expect them to arrive on my doorstep.  They often ‘find’ me when I am in the darkest and most terrifying moments of my life and they pull me from the depths back into the light. Or ...
Dying to be Born – Prayerful Tuesday

Dying to be Born – Prayerful Tuesday

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Photo by NASA This past week I have been meditating with a book by Jan Phillips[1] and one of the daily readings was on creativity and the Cosmos a chapter that touched me deeply as I read it.  Someone once asked her “what is dying to be born?” and I realized that I have been asking that question of myself and the universe for many years.  If I think about birth and death in the Cosmos then I have to remember that every time a star dies many more are born in its place.  Our Sun came from the death of one such star and we are the children of that star.  Every element in our body once resided inside the burning birth chamber of a star.  When our sun dies it will spread all of the elements we now carry out into the universe to be born again in another star and planet and maybe another life.  ...