Monday, July 6


A Conversation with a Psalmist –Prayerful Tuesday

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As I am personally preparing for the Christmas I have been disturbed by the amount of violence and death around the world.  Peace on earth does not seem near. So as part of my morning ritual I have been doing Lectio Divina with the Psalms.  They have brought me some comfort but this Psalm struck a chord within me and I wanted to share that with you.  So this is a little different from most of my postings, as it is part of my journaling during my meditation. I am letting you in on a small part of my conversations I held with the Psalmist and God.  They are my insights of the moment, so if I say something you disagree with please be gentle, it is after all a private conversation you are overhearing.  At the end of my journaling you will find the steps for Lectio Divina.  For your own Lecti...

Visio Divina, a prayer – Prayerful Tuesday

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Today is Veterans Day and I would like us to practice Visio Divina using the above pictures by David Bowie of the United Kingdom of Soldiers in the mist that touched me deeply.  Take a few moments to study the picture, breathing deeply and begin your Divine Reading. Think of Visio Divina like this–putting on God-glasses to see how an image illuminates Christ for you. Study the picture slowly, taking a first glance noting the colors or lack of color, people, places and things.  Remain with the image for one to two minutes. If you would like, jot down a few words about the image. Take a second, deeper, look. Where is there movement? What relationships do you see? Engage your imagination. Where are you in the artwork? What do you see from that perspective? What deeper meaning emerges?  ...
Pit-Bulls, Wives, and "The Hunger Games"

Pit-Bulls, Wives, and "The Hunger Games"

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Years ago, Tammy Wynette admonished women to "stand by your man." But judging by Ray Rice's assault on his (at the time) fiance Janay Palmer, it would seem that Janay was unable to stand at all. In fact, the last time I saw them together on that by-now-iconic video, she was not standing, but lying face-down and being dragged, rag-doll limp and unconscious, across the elevator-door threshold by her now-husband Ray Rice, rather like a human-shaped football being carried triumphantly across the goal line after a heroic third-and-long play. The Baltimore Ravens organization even cheered in a Tweet regarding Mrs. Rice’s alleged “role” in the assault:  Janay Rice says she deeply regrets the role that she played the night of the incident. It is unclear precisely what that “role” was, beyond perha...