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Beginning Again: New Contributors

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Last week, I introduced the theme of beginning again. I characterized it as a return to what is calling you. Poorly worded, perhaps! I would further expand it to a deepening awareness of that which is in your inmost heart calling, urging you to completion. That seems pretty yummy to me. Part of what is in my inmost heart is to conspire with others and have a co-creation of online sacred space. The work was begun on, but it has not been brought to completion. Community can bring this together! And as such, I would like to expand your community to include two of my dear friends, Michelle Conklin and Ruth Jewell. Ruth Jewell recently received her Masters of Divinity from Seattle University, School of Theology and Ministry.  She is currently in-care at Queen Anne Christian Chu...
Prayerful Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prayerful Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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A Moment of Stillness Stop whatever you are doing for 5 minutes. If you can, go outside and find a place to rest in the shade, if you can’t step outside sit next to a window. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet firmly placed on the ground or floor. Now take a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath and slowly let it out. Sit for a few minutes and pay attention to your breathing. When you are ready finish stretch your arms up and reach for the Sky. Breathe deeply again and offer the following prayer as you return to your routine: Great Spirit I am grateful for this moment of stillness in my busy day. May the blessings of this moment stay with me throughout all of my encounters as I go about my life this week...