World Water Day

From http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday/ There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef for example consumes 15,000 litres of water while 1 kilo of wheat ’drinks up’ 1,500 litres. When a billion people in the world already live in chronic hunger and water resources are under pressure we cannot pretend the problem is ‘elsewhere’. Coping with population growth and ensuring access to nutritious food to everyone call for a series of actions we can all help with: follow a healthier, sustainable diet; consume less water-intensive products; reduce the scandalous

March 6: Delicious

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delicious spring's first baby-green growth sunbreaks in the rainy city splendour of the mountain-out softness of an infant's cooing cheek surprises that spring into life sundaes topped with pillows of cream skin that trembles when touched secrets between ancient lovers soft kisses exchanged with tender intent delectable, decadent, delightful, delicious On this day in 1912, Oreo Cookies were sold for the first time.  Reflect on something delicious. Please add your link in the comments or paste your submission into the comments.  Be a good neighbor and visit and comment on other folk’s works!  Please tag your work “MarchChallenge” P.S.  A compilation of all links can be found here. Today's Postings: Lady Nimue Viv in France Buddha's World of the Arts Mange Tout Etc. Haiku Love Songs Pat C