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The Hazards Of Being Messiah

The Hazards Of Being Messiah

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Progressives need to grow the hell up. What they need to outgrow is a certain prominent feature I have noticed in the political psychology of progressivism, especially – though certainly not exclusively – religiously grounded / motivated progressivism. Progressives, both religious and secular, entertain a certain, usually more or less implicit, nostalgia for perfection ... the perfect political candidate in particular. Sometimes they think they actually find such a candidate ... Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, etc. ... and become over-the-top enthusiastic for the candidacy of that person. Sometimes that candidate ends up being elected. But then -- as is bound to happen -- the progressive favorite, once in office, fails in addressing some issue especially close to the hearts of progres...
The Cathexis From Hell:  Why You Should NOT Choose Donald Trump As Your Therapist

The Cathexis From Hell: Why You Should NOT Choose Donald Trump As Your Therapist

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I have never been a psychotherapist or a counselor or a psychological counselor. I have neither training nor credentials nor professional competence in those disciplines. But I have, over the past 30-plus years, utilized the services of same as a client. And on the basis of my client’s-eye view of psychotherapy and counseling, I have concluded that if the Nation ever needs psychotherapeutic counseling – which I believe it does, and rather desperately, at that – that Donald Trump would be the worst therapist / counselor the Nation could possibly consult. (With the possible exception of Ted Cruz. Since Trump is the current front-runner I will concentrate on him, but I won't quibble.) Please do not misunderstand: I have never had a traumatic experience with a therapist, because all the th...
Cruz Control and the Constitution — Part 1

Cruz Control and the Constitution — Part 1

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As a scholar of the US Constitution, Donald J. Trump is a wonderful bartender. But that is quite all right. Given what seems to be the mood of voters this presidential election year, the Nation seems more disposed to want to vent to its bartender, as a secular priest presiding over a bibulous secular confessional, than to deal calmly, seriously, and rationally with actual policy issues of war, peace, and poverty. Those hundreds of thousands of people depicted in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will were probably not gathered for a seminar on the relationship between the poetry of Schiller and German idealism, either. Similarly, as a Nation, we seem to want to feel more than to think. So Trump is probably much more simpatico with today’s neo-Weimarian Zeitgeist than I: don’t listen, j...