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Summer’s End—Prayerful Tuesday

Summer’s End—Prayerful Tuesday

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The month of August is one of my favorite times of the year a time of reflection and gratitude.  This has always been a slower time of year for me. A time to sit on the porch with a cold glass of iced tea and just sit, letting the warm air surround me, and the end of summer sounds lull me into a lazy half-sleep. There are fresh vegetables from the garden, or farmers market, that make even the simplest meals a feast.  Ice cream tastes better with ripe fat blackberries, or sweet peaches on top.  The trees are making a tired sound as the August breezes blow through leaves that are drying out and getting ready to turn into autumns crowning glory of red and gold.In May there is excitement, joyousness and expectations in the air, but in August the air begins to get sleepy, tired and a little sad...

TGIF: Gratitude for Silence's Gifts

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It's my summer vacation.  I get 7 whole weeks without school work to do.  I decided to begin my time off this year with an Ignatian Silent Retreat.  (If you aren't familiar with what an Ignatian Retreat is, check it out.  You might like it)  The best thing about this retreat is that I get to spend about 48 hours without speaking to almost everyone!  It's a wonderful feeling of freedom for me and I usually come away with something my soul needed.  This time the gifts of silence were freedom, joy, and beauty.  I won't bore you with how these relate to my life in detail, but I will share one avenue of exploration from this weekend.  The cabin below made me think on this question all weekend.  What is it in my life that is no longer being used but provides a foundation for growth like the moss...
Un-Birthday Surprises – Prayerful Tuesday

Un-Birthday Surprises – Prayerful Tuesday

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  “I have come to believe that God, Truth, Beauty, Love—all those concepts I associate with the Divine—are not things that are “found” at the end of the path, like the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather are what I experience on the journey as I travel through life—or perhaps, more explicitly, they are the journey itself.”   Jan Phillips, No Ordinary Time[1] The above quote by Jan Phillips states beautifully one of the revelations of my own life.  Searching and hoping to ‘find’ love and truth is an exercise in futility.  Beauty, truth, love, and G-d come to me in those moments when I least expect them to arrive on my doorstep.  They often ‘find’ me when I am in the darkest and most terrifying moments of my life and they pull me from the depths back into the light. Or ...