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Taking Care—Prayerful Tuesday

Taking Care—Prayerful Tuesday

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  For the last three weeks I have been in constant pain due to a pinched nerve in my back.  This fussy nerve has been bothering me for a long time but I refused to listen to it. So now it is fighting back to get the attention it thinks it deserves.  I have never been in so much pain before.   It hurts to lie down, stand up and sit and that my friends are pretty much every possible position there is.  But, I am not asking for sympathy, prayers yes, sympathy no because I got myself here by not listening to my body. It is always easier to give someone else advice than to take that advice ourselves about taking care of the temple God has graced us with.  Whether we are doing our busy lives or praying we often forget the clay vessel we are embodied with to the detriment of our health a...

A Conversation with a Psalmist –Prayerful Tuesday

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As I am personally preparing for the Christmas I have been disturbed by the amount of violence and death around the world.  Peace on earth does not seem near. So as part of my morning ritual I have been doing Lectio Divina with the Psalms.  They have brought me some comfort but this Psalm struck a chord within me and I wanted to share that with you.  So this is a little different from most of my postings, as it is part of my journaling during my meditation. I am letting you in on a small part of my conversations I held with the Psalmist and God.  They are my insights of the moment, so if I say something you disagree with please be gentle, it is after all a private conversation you are overhearing.  At the end of my journaling you will find the steps for Lectio Divina.  For your own Lecti...
TGIF:  Gratitude for My Life

TGIF: Gratitude for My Life

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I’m writing this post on Thanksgiving having just eaten a taste explosion dinner at some good friends’ house. This year has had several struggles that have weighed me down and recently my health has gotten so bad my friends started calling me Job. And it is hard to live in my body with it’s disabilities and limitations. But I do not feel like Job. So this post is a little different from my usual TGIFs. I want to use this opportunity to thank the ones in my life who are so unlike Job’s friends. I am grateful for… My husband who stands by me, stands with me, and stands before me with more love than I could ever earn. My sister who is, as I type this, fighting for our country half a world away from her family sharing Thanksgiving with her fellow soldiers instead of family. My sister who is br...