Monday, July 6


TGIF:  Gratitude for No Words

TGIF: Gratitude for No Words

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Last night I had the opportunity to take a Mixed Media Art Class at a local shop.  It was so much fun, I didn't want to stop working on my piece.  Even, this post a little later than usual.  (I am sorry about that.)  One of the things I am discovering about myself this summer is that I need to spend some time with my spirit and the Spirit of the Universe without words.  Don't get me wrong, I love words.  I love to write.  [See, I'm doing that right now. :-)]  In fact, I think this love of words has kept me from learning how much I love the language of my hands.  My canvas is not gorgeous, fine art, or even close to complete.  What it is, is a part of myself expressed out to the world in a way that gives more multitude of meaning than words can do.  I am truly grateful for this discovery! "...

Rest in God – Prayerful Tuesday

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    The only real rest comes when you’re alone with God -- Rumi Ruth Jewell, ©June 17, 2014  
TGIF: Gratitude for FOO of another flavor

TGIF: Gratitude for FOO of another flavor

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Today I was reading through old posts on a blog written by a friend of mine from high school.  We had lost touch over the years but recently connected again through social media.  In another part of my brain, I am still processing a whole year of "This is Your Life" in a course called Ministerial and Theological Integration.  This course spends an entire quarter digging up issues from your family of origin (or FOO).  It is amazing how much those early experiences with family affect people's adult perceptions!  So now I am wondering if there is a flavor of FOO that is Friends of Origin.  This particular friend of mine and I spent much of our high school years together, a challenging time of highs and lows and hormonal turmoil.  Though we have moved on to different pursuits on opposite corne...