Thursday, August 5


OK … 1-2-3 … Start Chanting “Godwin! Godwin! Godwin!”

OK … 1-2-3 … Start Chanting “Godwin! Godwin! Godwin!”

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If there are any Trump supporters reading this, I urgently advise you, before you read any farther, to place across both knees a large book like Gray’s Anatomy or the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, because I can guarantee that at some point, your knee will jerk, which could cause you to kick your coffee table over or result in a shoe flying off your foot and through your TV screen. There … you have been warned. (You might also reflexively shout in a Terminator or Robbie-the-Robot voice “Godwin’s Law … Godwin’s Law … Godwin’s Law”, but unless you disturb your neighbors, no harm / no foul.) Why? Because this “Skeptic’s” column is about parallels, which I insist are neither gratuitous nor imaginary nor fictitious, between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. I would also recommend that y...

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

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I'm in the middle of a LOT of transition right now. Trying to figure things out is enough to make my head swim. I've been listening to 70's music lately, and memories of many simpler times run through my head. Even though some of those times didn't seem so simple, there was a kind of purity in the complexity of what was going that shone through when songwriters tried to capture feelings in music. Much of my life was shadowed by fear. Fear of screwing up, fear of making someone not like me, fear of being who I was. Many years after this song was popular, someone pointed out a simple truth I had heard in it for years and never really internalized. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." My friend pointed it out to me on a day I had gone to the mall and gotten my ear...