Sunday, August 9

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Witness Wednesday

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What experience of the presence of the divine can you speak to? Where has grace moved in your life? In a meeting of like minds of two people who have a love and concern for youth affected by incarceration. And oh! What plans are being laid to show love to these young, hurting people. I can't wait until I know all of these plans! “There was still something I could do: I could tell the world.” ―   Leslie H. Hardman What story do you have to tell the world? Make a Joyful Noise All the World T. Stewart, 2010 #FindingGod #WitnessWednesday


spiritual practice, spiritual practices
For the Lenten Photo Invitation If you look closely, there are three whales in this picture-a mama whale, a baby whale, and in the background, their escort. An escort whale is an example of faithfulness. The male escort is not the daddy, but he escorts the mama and baby from here (Maui) to the Gulf of Alaska.  He is truly faithful. While we were there, the mama and baby frolicked away while the escort stood guard for well over an hour. At one point, while mama and baby were playing, the escort dove underneath the pontoon boat and sang. The water and the canvas of the boat combined to communicate the song to our ears beautifully.  At the end, all three came together, headed towards our pontoon boat, and bid us adieu. It was truly a miraculous moment. Thoughts to ponder - What is worthy of ...