Thursday, June 4

spiritual practice


spiritual practice
For the Lenten Photo Invitation This is a photo of a burial of a dead crab found by a group of children. They carried the crab gently, offered bits of precious shells and rocks, buried it, and performed their own liturgy of love.

Witness Wednesday

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What experience of the presence of the divine can you speak to? Where has grace moved in your life? In a meeting of like minds of two people who have a love and concern for youth affected by incarceration. And oh! What plans are being laid to show love to these young, hurting people. I can't wait until I know all of these plans! “There was still something I could do: I could tell the world.” ―   Leslie H. Hardman What story do you have to tell the world? Make a Joyful Noise All the World T. Stewart, 2010 #FindingGod #WitnessWednesday