Tuesday, September 29


Praying with Art – Prayerful Tuesday

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  Romans 6:1b:11 I am preaching next Sunday and the first step in the preparation for my sermon is to pray my scripture using Lectio Divina. The last step in my Lectio Divina is to write in my journal what I hear in the scripture. Often I will draw a Mandala as a visual image of what I hear and the Mandala above is my representation of Romans 6:1b-11, which is my text for next Sunday. Lectio Divina is one of my favorite practices to delve into a particular scripture and I often add the process of drawing a Mandala when the scripture is long or very visual.  I find the resultant drawing adds another layer to my spiritual practice. I draw circular Mandalas for my reflections; I find the confined space of the circle helps me focus on the most important aspects of hearing.  But, pray...

Saul: Lamenting a Man of Promise

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2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27 We have just heard David's out pouring of grief for Saul and for Jonathan.  He refers to them as "Saul and Jonathan—beloved and lovely!"  It could alternately be "Saul and Jonathan—dear friend and delightful companion!"  David loved them both.  But today, I want to focus on the love that David still has for Saul.  Saul, a man that tried more than one time to kill David and to drive him away.  What did David see in Saul that would still touch his heart after so many difficult and life threatening situations?  David saw that Saul was a man of promise and compassion. When Saul was chosen to be king, he was a terrified young man.  Samuel anoints him and Saul goes back to his family and doesn't tell anybody that he is the king.  He has this crazy ecstatic prophetic frenzy ...