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Oh What  A Beautiful Moaning … Shambling Toward Zombieland

Oh What A Beautiful Moaning … Shambling Toward Zombieland

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I begin with a question:  Izzit just me, or have zombies largely taken over popular movie and text culture in the United States? I do not think it is just me. Now, please understand at the outset:  I do not ask this question rancorously, or with the least pejorative intent. Fact is, I like “zombie lit”!  I am into the 13-volume-and-counting Kindle-book Arisen cycle of zombie lit, by Stephen Michael Fuchs and Glynn James, and D. J. Molles' The Remaining saga of I-don’t-know-how-many volumes. Ditto Max Brooks' World War Z, both movie and book. I have seen, and loved, Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies. Ditto Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I am an over-the-top fan of Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, and Z-Nation. When I take a sabbatical from reading about the history and interpret...
Less is Moore

Less is Moore

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I am re-publishing this post from February of 2015 on former Chief Justice Roy Moore, now that he may succeed to Attorney General Sessions' old Senate seat, amid the controversy of his alleged sexual peccadilloes regarding underage women. The question I would invite you to ponder as you read it is Is this really the best the Republican Party -- the Party of Lincoln, the Party of Emancipation, the part of Reconstruction -- can do? The inimitable Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court – the same Judge Moore who in 2003 attempted to retain the marble monument of the 10 Commandments in the Alabama judicial building – is in the news again, this time asserting the Augustinian roots of his preference for theocracy over secular, constitutional, religion-neutral republican gove...
We Didn’t

We Didn’t

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This "Skeptic's Collection" column was originally published on 9 June 2016.  I am re-publishing it here because tomorrow is Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump, a day that I believe Americans will remember as equivalent to the day, 30 January 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler Reichskanzler ("Reich Chancellor") of Germany, and with  consequences that will eventually prove as dire for the United States as the previous designation was for the Weimar Republic. This "Skeptic's" column will not change any minds. Probably almost no one will read it. But for those of you who do happen to read it, especially those of you latter-day Esaus who sold the birthright of this Nation as a constitutional republic for the miserable bowl of soup of some imagined economic benefit -- f...