Saturday, July 31

Sacred Writing

A Conversation with a Psalmist –Prayerful Tuesday

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As I am personally preparing for the Christmas I have been disturbed by the amount of violence and death around the world.  Peace on earth does not seem near. So as part of my morning ritual I have been doing Lectio Divina with the Psalms.  They have brought me some comfort but this Psalm struck a chord within me and I wanted to share that with you.  So this is a little different from most of my postings, as it is part of my journaling during my meditation. I am letting you in on a small part of my conversations I held with the Psalmist and God.  They are my insights of the moment, so if I say something you disagree with please be gentle, it is after all a private conversation you are overhearing.  At the end of my journaling you will find the steps for Lectio Divina.  For your own Lecti...
Hunting the Divine Ox

Hunting the Divine Ox

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I left Christianity for a multitude of reasons, and, while I don’t mind talking about those reasons, a comprehensive catalog would be a major distraction from the main business at hand ... before the business at hand even begins. Besides, the salient issue, the drop of water that caused the glass to overflow, was – if I may revert to Christian terminology – a “vocational crisis”. Shortly after my wife Diane and I were married, we came to believe, through an intense time of prayer and reflection – we did that kind of thing back then -- that I was being “called” – a word I heartily abhor now, but … hey! … again, we talked and thought in these terms – to get my doctorate and to teach and to write on matters pertaining to the intersection of faith, culture, literature, and politics. So that...
Writing Our Fears  – Prayerful Tuesday

Writing Our Fears – Prayerful Tuesday

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  Truly in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest (Quran 13.28) In the last week I have begun reading the book Out of Darkness Into Light by Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias and Ann Holmes Redding.[1] The book gives a wonderful introduction to spiritual guidance found in the Quran with reflections from the Jewish and Christian Faith provided by MS Elias and MS Redding respectfully.  The three faiths Islam, Jewish, Christian are siblings and we share more than just a connection with Abraham, we share hearts. As a Christian I am well versed in my own tradition, practices and beliefs but reading Jamal’s writings and MS Elias’ writings has opened up interesting doors into the shared space of our three faiths.  One of those doors is called Spiritual Practice. I have always known...