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Postcards from Route 66

Postcards from Route 66

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I turned 66 on 5 April 2015.  The following are some "postcards" -- only a tiny sample:  their name is "Legion", for they are many -- in aphoristic form of a few of the lessons I believe I have learned from that six-plus-decades-and-counting of experience. o For those of you who still believe in a personal God, some lessons from those dim and dusty times when I did, also ... Don’t waste time trying to discern and follow “God’s will”. God’s will is either obvious – so obvious that you don’t need God to show it to you – or, if it is not obvious, it is unknowable. I spent the better part of my 66 years believing in and trying to discover and do "God’s will", and never experienced any assurance whatsoever that I succeeded. Hay-yull's bay-yulls and Oyster Shay-yulls! What do you think made me ...

Marcus Borg & Gratitude for our Mentors—Prayerful Tuesday

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This last week I heard of the passing of Marcus Borg. I was sadden not just at his passing but because I have learned so much from his writings. I will miss reading his words and having them open up my understanding of Jesus as both human and Divine.  Marcus Borg’s writings were instrumental in changing how I came to look at Jesus, the apostles, and the first century Christians.  He made me think and doubt what I have always believed to be true and to take that doubt and turn it on its head by searching for answers and being comfortable with finding only more questions. Because of Marcus Borg I began to read scripture, questioning the standard interpretations, searching for what the words printed in the Bible meant to those they were written to, the first century believers in Jesus.  Bo...

Story as Embodied Faith

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My word for 2015, and probably for my life if I'm honest, is story. Why? I love reading and learning. I love getting lost in others' stories. I love writing. I love telling my story and being there for others when they tell theirs. I love holding their stories and providing sanctuary for them. I even love standing up for them and speaking up for them when they can't tell their own stories. It's the most sacred thing about my calling as a helper. Whether I'm a reader or a writer or a social worker or a counselor or a chaplain or a minister, I'm all about story. It's who i am, and i wouldn't change it for anything. It's how i embody my faith--how i show the world who i believe God is and what i believe is true about life and love. As long as I follow my story wherever it leads and make cho...