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Time, Tide, and Terror

Time, Tide, and Terror

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Hard as it is to believe – hard as it is for even me to believe – there was once a time when I was a conservative. I was quite conservative all the way through my undergraduate years, during the time when I was writing a weekly column “Looking Forward” for the Wichita Eagle and Beacon newspaper in Wichita, KS, all through graduate school, and for a brief time even after my wife Diane and I moved to Seattle from Boston. I even voted for Ronald Reagan … twice. No more. In fact, for most of the Seattle years – we moved here in 1989 – I have been moving to the left with vertiginous speed. You can now locate me, ideologically, somewhere to the left of Elizabeth Warren, most likely in Bernie Sanders / Kshama Sawant territory. Obvious question … Why? The short answer is Fear … or, rather, not...
The Twilight of Citizenship?

The Twilight of Citizenship?

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I wanted to keep writing about Christmas and Advent and waiting and faith – and what all these things mean to me, a born-again skeptic. I really did. All those topics are well worth writing about. But I can’t. For my intentions have been overtaken by events – more specifically, by the events of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the death of Eric Garner, in New York City. As a skeptic, I am more predisposed to concentrate on events and trends in the City of Man, not those of the City of God, though without prejudice to the latter. For recent events do not augur well for life in the former. For all I know, Christians may be right in agreeing with the writer of Philippians 3:20: our real citizenship is in heaven. Yeah. Maybe. But we are stuck here for now, and – for now – it is...

A Conversation with a Psalmist –Prayerful Tuesday

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As I am personally preparing for the Christmas I have been disturbed by the amount of violence and death around the world.  Peace on earth does not seem near. So as part of my morning ritual I have been doing Lectio Divina with the Psalms.  They have brought me some comfort but this Psalm struck a chord within me and I wanted to share that with you.  So this is a little different from most of my postings, as it is part of my journaling during my meditation. I am letting you in on a small part of my conversations I held with the Psalmist and God.  They are my insights of the moment, so if I say something you disagree with please be gentle, it is after all a private conversation you are overhearing.  At the end of my journaling you will find the steps for Lectio Divina.  For your own Lecti...