Wednesday, August 4


Precedent, Probity, And Impeachment

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The US Constitution explicitly outlines the causes and procedures for impeachment of the President and other ministers of the US government, e.g., Supreme Court Justices.  These are the so-called “impeachment clauses”. (Other parts of the Constitution deal with impeachment, but this is the most relevant for present purposes). Prof. Alan Dershowitz, despite being unfairly perceived as being contaminated through association with Fox News, has performed a valuable service, especially in books like Trumped Up:  How the Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy, by urgently advising against the weaponization of political differences, and even free speech, as tools to further purely political ends. As anyone knows who has followed my “Skeptic’s Collection” columns over th...
The Road To Hotel California — Part 1

The Road To Hotel California — Part 1

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I believe the greatest rock song ever written is The Eagles' "Hotel California". I have believed this for some time, and for a variety of reasons.  But I have come to believe it even more recently, because "Hotel California" is turning out to be the anthem of any nation -- at this time, the United States -- which allows itself to be seduced into tyranny by the meretricious charms of simplistic solutions to problems which, though genuine enough, may be used to further the demagoguery of people whose only loyalty is to their own power. Our fear and perplexity are their strength. The latest highway signpost pointing the way to our Nation's Hotel California is the 20-page memorandum arguing that the President is a law unto himself. We can hear the music and read the lyrics even now. ...