Wednesday, June 23

Present Moment

Gladly Grasping The Glories Of Greyness

Gladly Grasping The Glories Of Greyness

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The latest (3 January) issue of Forbes references a Washington Post op-ed by Prof. Laura L. Carstensen, professor of psychology and the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. professor in public policy at Stanford University, on the semiotics of aging started me reflecting about what I want to be called, and what I do not want to be called, now that I am pushing 70. (I will be 69 in April of 2018.) Words matter. And – over time measured in multiple years – certain words / terms have become increasingly patronizing because I have, over that same interval of time, come to think of myself more and more, not as middle-aged, but simply as old. Prof. Carstensen is right: By failing to identify with “old,” the story about old people remains a dreary one about loss and decline. Language matters: We need a...
Wholly Missing the Whole of the Holy

Wholly Missing the Whole of the Holy

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This will probably sound strange coming from me.  But … here goes … I miss God. Well … even that is not quite accurate.  If by the term “God” you understand the traditional, orthodox conception of God as basically “a really, really, really big Person writ large,” then … no … I do not miss that God, the kind of God Samuel Taylor Coleridge, somewhere or other, referred to when he said that the average Englishman’s conception of God is as “of an immense Clergyman”; the kind of God Whose eye is on the sparrow; the kind of God Who numbers the very hairs of my head (in my case, a task easy even for human beings, let alone God); the God Who browbeat poor, innocent Job. In other words, I do not miss the kind of God who Sees Things And Runs Things, the Great Cosmic National Security Agency, ...
Mindful  Monday: “The air is clear of everything”

Mindful Monday: “The air is clear of everything”

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A Clear Day and No Memories by Wallace Stevens No soldiers in the scenery, No thoughts of people now dead, As they were fifty years ago, Young and living in a live air, Young and walking in the sunshine, Bending in blue dresses to touch something, Today the mind is not part of the weather. Today the air is clear of everything. It has no knowledge except of nothingness And it flows over us without meanings, As if none of us had ever been here before And are not now: in this shallow spectacle, This invisible activity, this sense. What are you noticing about the weather of your mind? ... for Mindful Monday Source: “A Clear Day and No Memories” by Wallace Stevens from Collected Poems. Vintage, 2015. Photo credit: "There's no place like home," Rachel Krame...