Friday, July 30

praying with poetry

First Lines–Spoken Word Poetry by Amena Brown

Poetry, poetry reading, praying with poetry first lines never cares what time it is they nudge their cold noses against my ear, wanting to go for walks in the briskest part of the a.m. they don’t care that I just went to sleep that I’m lazy that I no longer take to the habit of keeping journals by the bed for this very moment that I want to shoo them away but I’m too afraid of losing one so I drag my right hand from under the covers grab the pen that has long since riddled my bedspread with ink blots and let the poem do its business so we can both head back to sleep some days I want to quit afraid that the words I write or maybe even my own life just will never be good enough but thankfully words don’t give up they are ants, crawling in a line sending out one at a time to s...