Wednesday, August 12

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Poetry as Spiritual Practice

Creativity, immigration, poem, poems, Poetry, poetry reading, praying with poetry, spiritual practice, spiritual practices I've been having fun exploring the world of poetry. I never thought of writing or reading poetry to be a form of spiritual practice. But when Terri Stewart asked if I wanted to join her in her New Year's resolution to read one poem every day, I found that's exactly what was happening. I'm in two different groups right now who use prompts to encourage the writing of poetry. Reading and writing poetry is bringing me closer to a God who I need right now more than ever. Today I'm going to share a poem by Amena Brown that might do the same thing for you as it did for me. I don't know what God will give me this week, but I know it will be something to bring me into the presence of God.

Poetry as Prayer with Robert Lax

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Everything that exists can turn to prayer; even the water, even the air. - Robert Lax A Song For Our Lady If you are viewing this post from an email subscription, you'll likely have to link through to view the video recitation by Robert Lax. "And in the beginning was love. Love made a sphere: all things grew within it; the sphere then encompassed beginnings and endings, beginning and end. Love had a compass whose whirling dance traced out a sphere of love in the void: in the center thereof rose a fountain." - Robert Lax from his renown poem, Circus in the Sun (about the circus of creation), it was read at Lax's funeral Robert Lax was an American poet who converted to Catholicism from Judaism. He has been called "saint," "prophet," and "one of the great enigmas...