Friday, September 18


JOY  . . .  in letting of fear

JOY . . . in letting of fear

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So many of us are in fear right now - personal, political, cultural -  and it's totally understandable.  It's also a good thing to let it go and today the Native American poet and jazz muscian, Joy Harjo, generously shares her Fear Poem, or I Give You Back. / J.D. Because of the fear monster infecting this country, I have been asked for this poem, this song. Feel free to use it, record it, and share. Please give credit. This poem came when I absolutely needed it. I was young and nearly destroyed by fear. I almost didn't make it to twenty-three. This poem was given to me to share." Joy Harjo Fear Poem, or I Give You Back I release you, my beautiful and terrible fear. I release you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I don't know you as myself. I release you with all th...
Reading As Companionship — A Personal History

Reading As Companionship — A Personal History

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In Shadowlands, the movie about the courtship and marriage of C. S. Lewis and Joy Davidman Gresham, C. S. Lewis is quoted as saying “We read to know we are not alone”.  I have found multitudes of citations  where people quote Lewis as having said this in those very words, but have so far found no specific source, no book, no article, no lecture, for this remark. But even if Lewis did not say it, he should have.  For in my own personal experience, there have been instances too abundant to count where this proved to be the case with uncanny timeliness.  The following examples do not even scratch the surface. But in virtually all cases of where I have been reminded that I am not alone, this reminder also amounted to a revelation of what I myself thought even at times when I was not aware ...