Thursday, July 29


Tuesdays Artful Response

Tuesdays Artful Response

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Sometimes, there is either no time or no energy to do the things that I aspire to do. So, this week, I have no art. For two weeks running, I have not had/taken the time on Mondays to create. Mondays are my set aside day for Sabbath. In general, I try to participate in life-giving activities on Mondays. Visiting my therapist/spiritual director, creating art, Bible study. and such. Even as I typed that, I realized it isn't true! My entire last week was full of Bible study, word study, and appreciating creation. I took some photos. And don't we know that photography is an art? So, I'll share them here a bit. Last week, I was Camp Pastor for a church camp of senior high students. It was busy. Basically 7 messages in 7 days (and preparing a sermon upon my return). So...plen...
Gratitude For Madras and Seeing the 2017 Eclipse With My Dad

Gratitude For Madras and Seeing the 2017 Eclipse With My Dad

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It's been a momentous week! The first total eclipse within driving distance from me in my lifetime. A year ago my Dad called me to ask if I wanted to road-trip with him down to Oregon to see it in totality. I was excited about the idea. So after a whole year of planning, we drove down last Sunday through Portland to Madras. I am so grateful for the community of Madras, OR! They didn't ask for 100,000 people to descend upon them all at once to see this astrological event but they took on the hospitality of the situation completely. Everyone was helping. From the teens directing traffic to the local medical community taking shifts on a mobile med unit. Local mechanics were available to jump cars and provide roadside assistance and The National Guard helped to keep traffic moving in the ri...

the sacred teachers

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out of the threads of your liturgical languages out of the spare sculpture of your homely wisdom we formed clubs and built ironclad canon we spawned conspiracies of hate - now we are goose barnacles clinging to the rotting flotsam of old boats, we are weighted with the dust of fear and the mold of suspicion though we bluster and grandstand our way through time, the original purity of your intentions is still rooted in Eternity, your guileless simplicity is stronger than the dogs of war, it is the calm light at the center of our frenzied dark it is the grace of rain after a drought, the rivers of compassion that flow as tears sometimes we hear your spirits whispering in the mindful pleasure of our morning tea in the rhythmic stirring of a pot of oatmeal or in a fr...