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peace and justice

JOY  … in the shared values of Peace, Sustainability and Social Justice

JOY … in the shared values of Peace, Sustainability and Social Justice

Joy, peace, peace and justice
"Poetry. It's better than war!" Michael Rothenberg, cofounder of 100,000 Poets (and friends) for Change Note: NOT JUST FOR POETS 100,000 Poets for Change is not just for poets . It includes other artists and everyone/anyone who stands for peace, sustainabiltiy and social justice. 100TPC IS FOR YOU: an accountant, a doctor, a farmer, a cook or chef, a cleric, a scholar or student. Please join us at The BeZine this Saturday, from midnight in Israel to midnight in California. The slide show below displays some of the posters for 100TPC events happening in different parts of the world. To find something in your area check or Michael Rothenberg's 100,000 Poets for Change Communication Hub. I've also been trying to track the events and post links to them on The...
The Real Miracle Of Bartimaeus

The Real Miracle Of Bartimaeus

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Even if you reject the “metaphysics” of Christianity – the Incarnation, the miracles, the bodily Resurrection, etc. -- you still have to deal with Christianity as an ethical system, and by that measure there are Gospel texts that, perhaps because of their very simplicity, challenge the current conservative ethic of “I’ve got mine, Jack, so screw you”.  One such text is the story of Jesus’ encounter with the blind beggar, Bartimaeus, on the road leaving Jericho. But matters are not that straightforward. For it is easy enough, in fact, borderline-trivial, to understand the story as a critique of contemporary conservative Republican attitudes toward any form of material assistance to the indigent. What is usually overlooked is that the story contains a very recessed and implicit critique ...
JOY  … is the September “The BeZine” exploring Social Justice and The 3 Spheres of Peace Action

JOY … is the September “The BeZine” exploring Social Justice and The 3 Spheres of Peace Action

Joy, peace, peace and justice, The BeZine
Social Justice The Zeitgeist of Resistance—a Historical River Flowing Justice is a historical river flowing to us, around us, and through us, toward freedom. The river's current, like our current Zeitgeist, is one of resistance. In times of extreme injustice(s), people rise. This issue of The BeZine dedicated to Social Justice brings you some of the history and much of our Zeitgeist of resistance. You will read about the current White House occupant, the state of race and gender relations, economic disparity, oppression, and more that disturbs us in our time. However, coming to The BeZine from unrelated directions—some invited, some offered, some come across by seeming chance—history has sent reminders to us that we are not alone. Others have lived in times of extreme injustice(s). ...