Monday, May 17


Psalms of Lament and Hope – Prayerful Tuesday

Psalms of Lament and Hope – Prayerful Tuesday

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The only gift I have to offer this week is my sorrow for Paris, Beirut, Syria, Iraq, and all of us.  So I offer the Psalms I go to when I am in the midst of sorrow and pain.  May your hearts be comforted by the words of the psalmist and may your find solace knowing others cry with you. Psalm 36:1-4 (MSG) A David Psalm 1-4 The God-rebel tunes in to sedition— all ears, eager to sin. He has no regard for God, he stands insolent before him. He has smooth-talked himself into believing That his evil will never be noticed. Words gutter from his mouth, dishwater dirty. Can’t remember when he did anything decent. Every time he goes to bed, he fathers another evil plot. When he’s loose on the streets, nobody’s safe. He plays with fire and doesn’t care who gets burned. Psalm 42 (NRSV) 1As a deer l...

Overwhelmed with Sadness – Prayerful Tuesday

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I have been trying to think about what to say about the Umpqua shootings but my heart is breaking and my mind won’t process this.  So I am asking you for your prayer this week to write letters to your legislators about gun legislation, talk to your neighbors about keeping safe, and get involved in your community and/or church youth programs.  Talk kids and get to know your own children and the children they play with. Keep the kids involved with family and community and help them find safe ways to release anger and frustration.  If you need a gun for hunting then talk to every member of the family about gun safety and keep your guns in a secure gun safe when you aren’t using them.  I know that isn’t much but if all of us become more aware and involved in the efforts to regulate guns in a...
When the Going Gets Tough, the Masochists Get Going

When the Going Gets Tough, the Masochists Get Going

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I read Thomas Frank’s book What’s the Matter with Kansas? shortly after its initial publication back in 2007. Frank’s book uses the State of Kansas as an example of a puzzling phenomenon: the tendency in some States of the Nation for the electorate to vote into office people who are avowedly, professedly, and explicitly committed to policies that damage the interests, especially the economic interests, of the very people who vote them into office. Frank’s simple but powerful question: Why? Why does the electorate, in certain States, vote against themselves by cooperating with their elected officials in undermining their (the electorates’) own manifest interest? Frank himself offers only muddled hypotheses (at least in the original edition of his book ... I have not read subsequent versions...