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Prayerful Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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  Playing with the Spirit In the past month I have begun the InterPlay Life Practice Course. For those of you who have never heard of InterPlay I can only described it as a time to play with my body/spirit/heart/mind all at the same time and it is a blast! Of course the founders of InterPlay have a much longer definition, that in brief, is a system and practice that allows you to lean slowly at your own pace to love being an embodied being by bringing into one whole Mind/Body/Spirit/Heart. But for me the term “it’s a blast” works best. (If any of you are interested in the longer definition please visit and there you will find all kinds of information and also where you might find an InterPlay play group of your very own.) Within my small community of new friends ...

Dog Star

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I'll Sail Upon the Dog Star Given the Haiku Challenge prompt for today, I recalled this song by Henry Purcell.  I feel certain that the Dog Star must be the Northern Star, part of the Dog's Tail, Cynosura, the Little Bear, the seven sages, Ursa Minor, Saptarshi!  (See the original post here.) Enjoy this old classic.