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Weird Comics And The Topology Of Non-Orientable Manifolds

Weird Comics And The Topology Of Non-Orientable Manifolds

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Not quite 18 months ago, I published a column on “weird”, X-Files-ish phenomena, the kinds of events and (alleged) experiences that are regularly recorded in Fate magazine. My original intent in writing and publishing that column was, quite frankly, to break my addiction to Donald Trump, Trump-ism, Russia-gate, and what was, and often still is, my unhealthy incipient addiction to the raw sewage that has flooded the White House and the Executive Branch, by getting my mind onto a different track.  But writing that column also had the unintended and unforeseen side-benefit of prompting some persistent reminiscences of the kinds of comic books I used to read just before and just after I entered puberty.  During that time, in addition to Fate, I read three comics published by the American C...


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The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Divsion and Fear by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II REV. BARBER is a conservative Christian who embraces the full religious, ethnic and racial diversity of our country. Some say he is this era's Martin Luther King, Jr.  He believes in the dignity and worth of all people and the essential inter-relationship of all human beings. He stands for compassion, unity and social, environmental and economic justice. In reading his views and about his work, I found myself moved to both hope and joy. This memoir is not simply an emotional or moral reaction. It's a pragmatic plan for a more just and equitable country. I agree with Rev. Barber that our emerging leadership is encouraging scapegoating, a divide-and-conquer...

Come to the Water…For Those Tears I Died

GLBT, Literature, movie and book reviews, Spirituality I'm going to share with you one of my favorite new books. The Jesus Movement was slightly before my time, but I sang "For Those Tears I Died" at Bible studies in the early 1980's. The song stuck in my mind for years until I rediscovered Marsha Stevens as a Christian lesbian musician at a concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, somewhere between 2002-2004. I've been following her on Facebook for several years, but very rarely does anything from her actually make it through to my news feed. That is until the night I saw that she had written a book that had been released on Kindle that day. I immediately went and bought it and started to read. I'm glad I read it on Kindle, because I could easily highlight meaningful passages that I probably woul...