Friday, May 14


Sparks Are Flying!

Sparks Are Flying!

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I've been pondering inspiration and creativity on my other blog, and this picture is what my brain feels like when an idea comes to me.  It's something I wish I could feel all the time, but most people aren't in a constant state of inspiration. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if people were in a constant or near-constant state of inspiration? Sparks would fly everywhere. You could SEE ideas as they develop. You could SEE change as it happens. It's the kind of world I wish I lived in. I hope whatever the afterlife holds for me, I hope it has an area that is full of inspiration! I long for such a place! Let's look for those kinds of fireworks in our everyday lives! They must be there, just waiting to happen. Just waiting to inspire someone to come up with an idea to make our wo...
Looking for Inspiration

Looking for Inspiration

awareness, inspiration
Sometimes I feel that sharing inspiration with readers of Beguine Again is a heavy responsibility. I don't know what struggles you might be going through. Maybe your life is chugging along smoothly. Maybe you've just gotten bad news from somewhere, and you don't know how to deal with it. Maybe your job is not working for you. Maybe you don't even have a job. I have no idea. I picked this image for today's post because it reminded me that different people are inspired by different things. My words may not work for you, but seeing a certain image or hearing a certain melody may work. Going outside and seeing clouds might work, or it might not. I guess today's message I want you to leave with is to LOOK for inspiration in your life. I can't tell you where to look. I wish I could, becau...

10000 Artists for Change, Banned Books, and Saying Goodbye to a Force of Nature

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I know the title is super-long today, but I didn't want to leave out anything that mattered.  And it all matters. Today is the day that 10000 Poets for Change come together to speak in many smaller voices amplified in one large voice. In the words of Michael Dickel: We seek through our art to do a bit of old-fashioned consciousness raising, to stimulate thought and action leading to the kind of change that is sustainable, compassionate and just, and to engage in the important theme of the issues facing humanity today—but all with a goal to alleviate suffering and foster peace. We don’t want to just “talk about it,” we want words, art and music that help us take action in some way for positive change wherever we are in our lives, in our world. To find the links we have collected, please ...