Friday, September 18


Celebrating Sixty-Seven Years on the Razor’s Edge

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"Rise, awaken, seek the wise and realize. The path is difficult to cross like the sharpened edge of the razor, so say the wise." Katha Upanishads, verse 1.3.14 SURPRISED TO HAVE MADE IT TO SIXTY-SEVEN In gratitude today, I celebrate sixty-seven years of life, forty-seven years with my world-class son, and sixteen years of survival beyond my medically predicted expiration date. In 1999, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and given two years to live. (No, I have never smoked in my life.) Thanks to the boundless patience and kindness of my son and the compassion and good offices of an extraordinary medical team, I'm still here, sometimes home-bound and always bound to toting an oxygen tank. These complications don't keep me from enjoying the CitySon Philosop...
Saying “Oops!” Gracefully

Saying “Oops!” Gracefully

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I hesitate to "recycle" or reprint previous posts, in this case, a post from July of 2015, but the recent grand jury decision completely exonerating Planned Parenthood (PP)   overrules my reticence. (It also bears emphasizing that the refusal to indict [a] occurred in Texas, one of the most abortion-hostile  States in the Union, a State whose legislature recently passed a law resulting in abortion clinics being separated by hundreds of miles; [b] that has a conservative Republican governor and lieutenant governor; and [c] that the case was argued before the grand jury by a conservative Republican district attorney, Devon Anderson.) But, on the contrary, evidence was found warranting charges against the oh-so-ironically named Center for Medical Progress. Not that mere facts will stop co...
Lessons from the Hospital Stay of a Lifetime

Lessons from the Hospital Stay of a Lifetime

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I thought I posted last week. I could have sworn I had. I remember writing a post for y'all.  But I don't see it. So apologies if I went missing and someone missed me. I've been back from the hospital since Sunday afternoon. (If I ever figure out what happened to my other post, or if it is still sitting in drafts, I'll try adding it.) My neurosurgeon who isn't God didn't even know I was still there when they woke the poor guy up because I needed acid reflux medication at 3 am on Sunday morning. I felt terrible to wake him up, but I was in that limbo of discharged, but still needing certain meds to be able to get along until I got home. I was in that limbo from Friday morning until my partner and her friend showed up with a four wheel drive on Sunday afternoon to "bust me out." Our ...