Friday, September 18


Creative Resistance

Creative Resistance

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This week I haven't had to look too far for inspiration. When the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket flying down a steep hill, as we see with each new revolting political development, the tough get going, as the old saying says. We don't fight with weapons. We fight with our hearts and souls. This is what creative resistance means to me. The website Alternet says that we need art in our activism because it reaches people at deeper emotional levels. The hashtag #iamapreexistingcondition has been all over the internet since this past week's House vote on Trumpcare (aka American Health Care Act). My favorite of the images I've seen backing this hashtag was created by my colleague on this blog, Terri Stewart. Terri created this image to be shared freely by all who will. ...
Pathology, Premiums, And Pedagogy — ACA Repeal As A Teaching Moment

Pathology, Premiums, And Pedagogy — ACA Repeal As A Teaching Moment

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Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa! I owe the Republican Party an apology.  I have long believed and said, both verbally and in writing, that the Republican Party, supposedly tainted by its association with conservative-evangelical / -fundamentalist, anti-intellectual Christianity, culminating in essentially unanimous Republican support for Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, has styled itself the anti-education Party, the Party that has become the political home of people like HUD Secretary Ben “Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Big Bang” Carson, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry who, fortified with a C grade-point average earned on the way to an animal husbandry baccalaureate degree from Texas A&M University (football cheer: “Whoop-Haw!”), assumes the custodianship of the Nation...

Medicine and the Muse

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“In this biomedical revolution, we need the humanities now more than ever.” - Lloyd B. Minor, MD, Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine Writing, poetry and art have been comforts to me throughout my work and personal life. I know their power as meditative processes that relieve physical and mental stress, enhance mental acuity and decision-making, and improve self-image. Artistic pursuits may not cure but they do heal. When I recently transferred to Stanford Health Care I was delighted to find that there is a serious commitment at Stanford University and Stanford Health Care to incorporate the arts into care for patients and into physician training, going beyond the usual poetry and art classes for cancer victims that are offered by some health care organizations.  Stanford is...