Sunday, June 7

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Soothing Yourself in Times of Stress

Soothing Yourself in Times of Stress

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Sometimes when I don't know what to write about, I look for an image that speaks to me for inspiration. Before I saw the questions below the image, the kittens gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that said, "Write about me!" The questions were a bonus. Sometimes it's hard for me to find that feeling of safety and comfort. Sometimes I need the reminder of how I can self-soothe. Maybe I can share the reminder with you for times you might forget too. I love my pets. Our house is filled with furry children--four cats and two dogs. I have a beautiful calico cat named Darby who loves to be petted. She lies next to me purring because she loves the attention so much. I can't help breathing a little more slowly and deeply when I hear that sound. Before I know it, I'm concentrating on the softness of...

What do you see? – Prayerful Tuesday

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On Face Book I follow the Anam Cara Ministries page, which posts daily meditations.  I often find one that makes me stop and think and last week the following post drew my attention: Artistic Afternoons: Look up. (Right now.) What do you see? Write about it. Anam Cara Ministries, November 4, 2015. I stopped and just looked around me.  Looking up I saw the wind chime I made from small bells given to me by a friend and origami peace doves made by another friend, when the window is open and a breeze comes through it rings as I work at my desk.  There are books, all of which I’ve read, on a shelf above the window. There is a decorative bird cage which I occasionally use to put in small special items, often my grandchildren. And, hanging on the side of the cage are 2 scarves I was given at ...

Eyes to See– Prayerful Tuesday

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Today my prayer offering is a Celtic poem that reminds us to stop and see the world around us, To see the creator in all that we encounter.  The Pearl of Great Price will be found not in your wallet, or fame, rather  it is in the a field of flowers bright with sunshine, an elderly person who welcomes your presence, a babe in arms who snuggles into your heart.  Let those who have eyes to see and hears to hear. The Bright Field I have seen the sun break through to illuminate a small field for a while, and gone on my way and forgotten it. But that was the pearl of great price, the one field that had the treasure in it. I realize now that I must give all that I have to possess it. Life is not hurrying on to a receding future, nor hankering after an imagined past. It is the turning aside like...