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Tuesdays Artful Response to Psalm 46

Tuesdays Artful Response to Psalm 46

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mountains explodedestroying the landscapelife begins again Drawing of Mt. St. Helens in response to Psalm 46 along with haiku, by Terri Stewartall rights reserved Psalm 46 is dire with the earth collapsing: mountains crumble, mountains shake, surging waves, the earth melts. However, the interesting thing is that God "brings wars to an end, breaking the bow and shattering the spear, burning chariots with fire." Declaring: "That's enough!" Well, haven't we all felt that way? That the calamity of hurricanes and volcanoes and the climate crisis in addition to the wars and violence and children locked in cages. Do we not want to declare, "That's enough!" I know I do. But I remember Mt. St. Helen's eruption. I lived in North Carolina at the time but we heard about it. T...

released by time into eternity

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"Easy does it" ... even as we mourn the people we love and are saddened by some of the ways of the world. I'm thinking of all the people I lost last year. It reminds me of a custom in some places - Japan, China, Korea - to write death poems because so often I wish I had a little handwritten note to treasure among the memories, something emblematic of each cherished being. It's a downside to the computer age. Our boxes of notes and letters have grown quite lean. My impression is that the death poems tradition was mostly honored among Buddhist monks and Japanese Samurai. The three classic forms were haiku, waka and kanshi. The gentle death poem that follows is a famous one by Yaitsu, but thus far I have been unable to find much information about him. Note: In the West we tend to title h...