Prayerful Tuesday, Circle Prayer of Peace, September 24, 2013

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A PRAYER FOR PEACE I have set my bow in the clouds and it will serve as a sign of the covenant between Me and the Earth Genesis 9:13 (Torah) This past week has been especially disturbing with gun violence in so many places that I have lost track of where they all are. I can’t even be sure that all have been reported by the ever present Sad News Division of our national media. There have been simply too many acts of violence to report. All I can do is offer prayers of comfort and safety for every person on the planet because I can’t name all the communities, families and individuals affected by gun violence this week. I don’t think that has ever happened before. One of my greatest fears is that massive gun violence, or violence in any form will become the “new normal” for our lives and

Prayerful Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Into the Wilderness A old Hebrew root for wilderness means “to speak,” {dabar – meaning “to speak” is a primitive root of midbar-wilderness, a place where you can hear G-d speak}. Those who traveled into the wilderness were outsiders, minorities, women and Judean peasants and they were the ones that heard G-d speak. All too often we believe we have to be on the “inside” to hear G-d’s voice, we must “do it the right way” in order for G-d to notice us and accept us. Yet that isn’t the way I’ve observed G-d work. It is the outsider, the minority, the woman, the one who seems to be doing it all wrong that is called by G-d. How often do feel as if you are on the outside? Might G-d be calling to you, inviting you into the wilderness, to hear the voice of the Creator? Today I invite to

Unanswered Questions

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what did you do when i didn't      sleep through the night? was potty-training an easy task? do you remember fifth grade      and the sudden influx of hormones? or junior high and the      sudden influx of attitude? what about your body changing? peri-menopause?        is that a possibility? tumors, unwanted?       how did you cope? and when i graduated,      the oldest child,      how did you feel and       what did you do? oh, and hot flashes,      what did you do? so many questions,      forever unanswered, but your voice travels in my heart      and in my soul the details are just that words floating in the air answers ungiven but your voice is full      of the broad strokes      of love and generosity      of aching for children      and of beaming with joy. those questions are comp