Monday, April 12

Gentle rain

Prayerful Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Prayer Yesterday seemed like a perfect day to read poetry.  The rain was coming down, the wind was blowing, Suzie was snuggled in my lap so I opened up two of my favorite books of poetry, Thirst by Mary Oliver,[1] and a book of Celtic prayers collected by Alexander Carmichael titled New Moon of the Seasons, Prayers from the Highlands and Islands.[2] A poem of Mary Oliver’s and a prayer collected by Alexander Carmichael struck me as I read them.  The first was a Celtic Prayer: The Three The Three who are over me, The Three Who are below me, The Three Who are above me here, The Three Who are above me yonder; The Three Who are in the earth, The Three Who are in the air, The Three Who are in the heaven, The Three Who are in the great pouring sea The Celtic people lived close to land and the...

Prayerful Tuesday, Fall Blessing, September 3, 2013

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We are at that strangely wonderful place, between summer and fall. The temperature feels like summer, but, the air and light tells us that fall is just beyond the next horizon. The grand harvesting of vegetables is well on its way, with too many zucchini and not enough ripe tomatoes. Fresh Washington apples are appearing in the stores and those lovely peaches are becoming rarer. Oh how I will miss this summer! But time rolls on to the next season and the joys of copper colored leaves and yellow pumpkin faces crookedly grinning at me from front porches. Each season has its own joys and Fall calls us to a time to celebrate the abundance of G-d's world while preparing us for the rest and renewal of winter. On this Prayerful Tuesday I invite you to join with me in reflecting where you have...