Saturday, April 17

Game Of Thrones

A Euron Sample For Westeros … (No That’s Not A Typo)

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Like most everyone else – that is, except probably for the actual actors and staff of Game of Thrones (hereafter GOT) – I have only watched the penultimate episode “The Bells”. So I know no more about how the series ends than anyone else. Least of all do I know who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne. That question presumably is answered in the final-season episode next week, as this is written (14 May). But if the Westerosi elite were to ask my counsel about who is best suited and equipped to sit on the Throne, I could recur to some ancient Greek texts, specifically Plato’s Republic, for some very wise advice. But first a solemn warning:  If you have not seen this next-to-last episode of GOT, then read no farther, because reading past this paragraph will almost certainly ...
Pathology, Premiums, And Pedagogy — ACA Repeal As A Teaching Moment

Pathology, Premiums, And Pedagogy — ACA Repeal As A Teaching Moment

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Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa! I owe the Republican Party an apology.  I have long believed and said, both verbally and in writing, that the Republican Party, supposedly tainted by its association with conservative-evangelical / -fundamentalist, anti-intellectual Christianity, culminating in essentially unanimous Republican support for Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, has styled itself the anti-education Party, the Party that has become the political home of people like HUD Secretary Ben “Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Big Bang” Carson, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry who, fortified with a C grade-point average earned on the way to an animal husbandry baccalaureate degree from Texas A&M University (football cheer: “Whoop-Haw!”), assumes the custodianship of the Nation...
May "The Seven" Have Mercy!  It's Christmas!

May "The Seven" Have Mercy! It's Christmas!

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Does anyone besides me miss Sean Bean in Game of Thrones? What I miss most is his … well … his gravitas as Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, especially when, often in the midst of a festive occasion while everyone else is busy cracking jokes and seducing one another’s spouses and drinking and seducing one another’s sisters and carousing and seducing one another’s brothers and feasting and seducing one another’s second-cousins-four-times-removed and slaying knights and seducing one another’s grand-nieces, etc., all in hi-def video and full-frontal nudity – no money to be made selling erectile-dysfunction meds or estrogen replacement therapy in Westeros! – Lord Stark, apparently immune to the libidinous revels going on around him, would gaze off into the distance with his austere, steely thou...