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Fig Picking, Cherry Picking, And Selective Theology

Fig Picking, Cherry Picking, And Selective Theology

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It occurs to me that, many times over the four-plus years I have been writing this “Skeptic’s Collection” column, I have taken the political and religious right to task for the venerable practice of “cherry-picking”, i.e., carefully culling all the evidence for any thesis so as to pick out those events and data that support one’s position, while no less carefully ignoring or de-emphasizing those events and data that support contrary arguments.  Nowhere is this practice more prevalent than in theological discourse, in particular, theodical discourse. But progressives decidedly on the left of the spectrum, both theologically and politically, have an equivalent tendency to pick equally substantial cherry harvests. Herewith some examples that should make chardonnay-swilling, Bernie- / Warr...

Ohana Means Family

Family, solitude I'm in the process of ending a relationship. We were together 15 years, and even though things were always somewhat rocky, my partner and stepdaughter and I always said we were ohana. Nobody gets left behind or forgotten. That doesn't work in the world of separation and divorce. It's time to start looking for my new ohana. I expect that when I find it, it will be unexpected. Some people call this finding your tribe. I call it community. God sets the lonely in families. (Psalm 68:6). It doesn't have to be family by blood. You can choose members of this family with which to surround yourself. Remember those today who have been left behind or forgotten.

“BROKEN HOMES,” Single Moms, Remarkable Sons . . . Gill Scott-Heron, jazz poet

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"All I really want to say Is that the problems come and go But the sunshine seems to stay . . . " My son sent me On Coming from a Broken Home (an excerpt from the album, I'm New Here) for Mother's Day in 2011.  Since then I publish some version of this piece every two years. I think Gil Scott-Heron's message here is important.  Gil Scott-Heron died around this time in 2011. He'd started out fiery and angry. Some will remember his forceful The Revolution Will Be Televised and other such works. He was always an artist of political integrity. It showed in actions such as refusing to perform in Tel Aviv because "we do not like wars."  Over time his style mellowed, but his ideals remained. Gil Scott-Heron is considered by many to be the grandfather of rap and the father of politica...