Monday, September 21

Executive Order

Fair-Weather Originalists:  Be Careful What You Wish For

Fair-Weather Originalists: Be Careful What You Wish For

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Sometimes I think history has a wicked sense of humor.  The latest example of history-as-harlequin may be seen by observing the rhetorical, jurisprudential, and logical contortions of people attempting to defend President Trump’s executive orders (EOs) on immigration before, in this latest case, the 4th Circuit.  Most of the people defending Trump’s EOs – EO 13769 and its siblings – are employing the language, tactics, and presuppositions of original meaning, a common approach of conservative / “strict constructionist” jurists and constitutional scholars. To them:  the key question of how to interpret any given text of the Constitution or statutory law is to adhere to the original meaning of the law’s authors as expressed in the original language of the law itself.  In order for the la...
EO! EO! Ewww!

EO! EO! Ewww!

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Just when I think that maybe the Nation has finally laid to rest religious fundamentalists’ objections to equal treatment of sexual-orientation minorities and trans people – “trans” is not a sexual orientation, of course – the issue rears its ugly head again, and I feel like someone has abducted me, placed me into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine, and zorched me ten or so years into the past when the issue was still being debated and adjudicated. Such was my reaction to Politico’s and USA Today's recent story about Trump’s intent to sign an executive order (EO) mandating a respect for “sincerely held religious convictions” vis a vis … well … what …. exactly … ? … which is precisely the issue. Given that Vice President Pence was once governor of Indiana, where he advocated a State-level re...