Friday, April 23


I Still Believe

Easter Every time I start to believe that my faith is changing or even disappearing, Easter rolls around again. I know that one of the most unlikely stories in the Bible is buried deep in my heart. I believe it's true. Christ is risen, y'all!
God As NON-Magician

God As NON-Magician

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I like Pope Francis I. His openness to sexual-orientation minorities and his solicitude toward the poor are in marked contrast to the hard-line intransigence more characteristic of past Pontiffs.  Church teachings about abortion, birth control – the “life” issues generally – and such matters as women’s ordination and same-sex marriage remain substantially unchanged.  (I say “substantially” because, even on some of these issues, the Pope’s recent statements have been interestingly nuanced. God – so to speak – is in the details.)  Bill Maher often says he strongly suspects that Pope Francis – “Pope Frank” as Maher sometimes calls him – is actually a closet atheist.  (I think Maher is only half serious about such statements. But the operative word is “half”:  I do think Maher is half s...