Saturday, July 24


Hineni, Here Am I

body, dance, disability, disabled, Hebrew Scripture, meditation with music, Poetry, praying with music I couldn't find a song that really fit with this poem, but this was a unique presentation that stood out. The poem is mine, and not nearly as spiritual as I wish it were. But maybe the combination will inspire you today. I am here. Hineni. I am here Even though society does its best to erase me. I'm good for nothing, or so they say. I don't deserve a roof over my head. I don't deserve to be taken care of like a "real" person. Why do I make them so angry? Why do they blame me for being a victim of my body? If I disappeared tomorrow, how would it change their lives? It wouldn't. I'm not going anywhere. They can't erase me. They can't pretend I don't exist. Not anymore. I've found my voice I'm not afraid to use it. Hineni. I am ...

Making a Way Out of No Way

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I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute. This is my own story, not intended to offend someone else. There's a Scripture passage where four men take a paralyzed man to Jesus. They couldn't get through the door, so they lowered him from the roof to get him there. That's one of the more creative accommodations I've ever heard of to facilitate the inclusion of someone with a disability. It was the partnership between disabled and non-disabled people that made it possible for that accommodation to happen. Do any of you find that you need a creative solution to a problem you're facing that makes it hard for you to be part of your chosen community or chosen activities? Are you frustrated because you feel like no one can or will help you? Are you banging on a brick wall trying to find a wa...