A Bridge to Spirit

Christmas, December, music I discovered this song last year af ter George Michael died at Christmas. I don't know how it never caught on as a regularly-played Christmas song, but it is now one of my very favorites. May this be a bridge to all of you who celebrate into a Spirit-filled holiday season.
A Gift From Saint Nicholas

A Gift From Saint Nicholas

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Last week’s “Skeptic’s Collection” column probably seemed like my final word about why I never got the “hang-uv” Christianity, period. This week’s column is intended to provide a corrective gloss by way of a sequel. It is true that I never got the “hang-uv” institutional, creedal Christianity, and to that extent, and regarding that “dialect” of Christianity, that is indeed true. I never had, and still do not have, the “hang-uv” Christianity under that understanding. But a few years ago, while visiting the town of Galway, on the windswept west coast of Ireland, I had what I can only call a mystical experience – a term that, as a “para-professional skeptic,” you will know I do not use lightly -- that completely altered my orientation toward religion in general and Christianity in particu