Saturday, August 8


Prayers of Compassion, Visio Divina – Prayerful Tuesday

Prayers of Compassion, Visio Divina – Prayerful Tuesday

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  In the last week I have watched the reports from the mudslide in Oso Washington and my heart is so with sorrow for all the victims lost and recovered alive. Last night I used this picture as my prayer focus and found it rich in prayers for all the victims and the responders of this terrible disaster. 1. As you gaze at the picture what feelings come up for you? 2. Do you have something you want to tell God? 3. What words of comfort would you offer to the victims and the responders in Oso? Other areas have also experienced natural disaster. Los Angeles has been experiencing earthquakes this week and adverse weather due to climate change has plagued the areas east of the Rockies all winter. 4. End your time of meditation with a prayer for all who have been affected by disasters and...

Mindful Monday: The Art of Dying

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On Friday, it will have been a year since my mother died. She had pulmonary fibrosis, a disease in which the lungs gradually become scarred and hard, causing you to suffocate slowly. It was horrible to watch her struggle with its inexorable creep. She died a little over four years after her diagnosis. A year and half earlier, my dad died from stage 4 prostate cancer, which he didn't know he had until two months before his death. He had been sick a long time but had chosen not to tell anyone because he wanted to focus on caring for my mother, as she had taken care of him through several serious illnesses over the course of their nearly sixty-year relationship. He couldn't hide any longer after the cancer ate through one of his vertebrae. He remembered the day he heard it snap. The pain was ...