Tuesday, August 4


The Last Word of History

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Spring will come to sweep away the snow, to put an end to the need for prophets and the old maps, to birth a new day incising hope and joy on the hearts of the distraught. We’ll be the waterlilies rising from the muck of eons, silence erasing desire, fears fading into the ether. Our aspirations will eat strife and respect will displace the hard weight of deceit and horror. Your very breath will become the breeze that cools my cheek, my brow the cloth that dries your tears . . .You may say I’m a dreamer, but embedded in that modern psalm is The Last Word of History: Peace! - Jamie Dedes "When asked about the song's meaning during a December 1980 interview with David Sheff for Playboy magazine, Lennon told Sheff that Dick Gregory had given Ono and him a Christian prayer book, which inspired...

Prayers, Wildfires in Washington and Oregon – Prayerful Tuesday

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Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff— they comfort me. Psalm 23:4 Today I am asking you to offer prayers for those in the fire zones in Washington and Oregon and for the families and friends of the three firefighters who lost their lives in a fire storm August 19, 2015.  These men and women turn and run into the fire to protect, our homes, our loved ones, and the forests and animals that live there.  To them we owe our gratitude and prayers. So today I ask you to offer a prayer for our all our fire fighters many who come from across the country and the globe to help protect our homes and planet, May the Holy Spirit keep them safe. Offer prayers of comfort for those who live in the fire zone and have lost their ...
A Moment of Silence – Prayerful Tuesday

A Moment of Silence – Prayerful Tuesday

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Numbers 23:9a for from the top of the mountains I see him, from the hills I behold him; On this beautiful Tuesday I ask only that you take a moment of silence. Hold in your hearts, the pain, suffering and loss from the deaths in Charleston North Carolina, Chattanooga TN.  To remember the loss of so many who have needlessly died from Sandy Hook, to Marysville.  As we lift up our eyes to the mountains open our hearts to those who suffer; the victims, the families. Hold the perpetrators in your heart as well, pray that light will enter the dark well they live in and bring them out of the darkness of their own making.   Amen Ruth Jewell, ©July 21, 2015