Saturday, August 8


Twinkle Lights

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Twinkle lights on a tree during the day unlit after Christmas. Something coming? Or something past? ~Terri Stewart January, 2011 A Small Stone There is much talk about post-modern Christianity, post-modern church, and even becoming post-denominational or post-Christian.  Meaning the world and the way faith communities operate better change or they will be left behind, left out, and left to die.  This is especially prevalent in the great unwashed Pacific NW.  Here to be part of a faith community is unusual.  80% of people are not in a faith community.  So, is Christmas dying?  i.e. is Christianity a remant of the past? Or does it still hold something?  What is that something?  How can it become something new?  What is the new thing being born?  What needs to pass away?  P.S.  Pink font...

dance the prayer

Christianity, Christmas, Poetry, Scripture, Spirituality
  dance the prayer i stretch and feel every hair waking in the dawn (of creation?) of the morning and savor the blessed cup (of new life?) of coffee as dreams and visions dance like fairies from behind the veil not yet born calling out to wisdom, go on girl! dance the prayer into being. Terri Stewart, 12/5/2010 This is a poem created by pondering the first week of Advent and prompted by reflections on the writings of Christine Valters Paintner, OblSB,PhD, REACE.  You can find here here.  The words that popped out to me during the pondering of her writings were: Stir Stay awake Waiting, anticipation Alertness, watchfulness Vitality, preparing for birth Birth of God into the world Sacred possibilities Tension Rest deeply Signs and portents I wonder what pops out to you during th...