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Broken Heart

The Fellowship Of Disillusionment — Philip Yancey’s “Disappointment With God”

The Fellowship Of Disillusionment — Philip Yancey’s “Disappointment With God”

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I never write book reviews ... until now. Now I am making an exception for three reasons:  (1) Philip Yancey's book Disappointment with God is an unflinching appraisal of how long-term disappointment precipitates crises of faith in the life of religiously devout people, (2) the theodical implications of that process, and (3) the theological consequences of (1) and (2). If you have been reading these columns for the last few years, you know that this has been a strong preoccupation of mine. But even though I wrote an Amazon review of Disappointment with God, I was not writing these "Skeptic's" columns at the time. So the following is in the nature of the latter playing catch-up with the former. ****************************** The Christian community almost always deals with disappointm...
Ain’t Got A Prayer

Ain’t Got A Prayer

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If there were more Christians and Christian ministers like the Rev. Terri Stewart, there is a pretty good chance -- who knows for sure?  -- that I would still be one, too. And if there were more monotheists like Terri, it is a pretty safe bet that -- while there no guarantees -- I most likely would not, as I presently do, regard monotheistic religion as a malignant canker on the arse of human spirituality. (For the record:  I do have deep and abiding respect for non-theistic religions, e.g., Buddhism and Taoism, where One Big Guy does not run Everything.) We do have our differences, e.g., Terri is much more reluctant than I to offend people. But let's not quibble. Most of all, let's not quibble, given that Terri recently wrote and published what I regard as the most realistic, level-he...


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On that note, I see a shift in my corner of the world. The Asheville Wordfest, which did not occur in 2016 due to the father of the organizer, is currently being planned for sometime in the very near future. I think people are beginning to reach beyond the despair and self-pity to figure out how to use their voices in the name of humanity. This week has kicked the mess out of many of us. I'm not going to lie--I felt like I would be living in The Hunger Games after the results were announced and confirmed. So let's go back to work, art-ers. Take it slow if you must, but find your soul again before it is irrevocably lost. Just for the record, life means art; so everyone find your soul and your humanity again before it is lost forever. Use whatever you can to find your way back t...