Monday, July 6


Letting Go Isn’t Easy

body, Comfort, comforter, death   I'm thinking of my wife and her family tonight. They're walking my mother-in-law home. I don't know what music she has chosen for her memorial, but this is one of the songs I listened to when my dad died several years ago.  I pray that whenever she passes on, it's a peaceful transition. There's been too much death in the world these days. May we draw strength and comfort  from each other.
I, FrankenWoman

I, FrankenWoman

Blessings, body, Joy
the birds were still dreaming in trees as the pale moonlight prepared to flee the first threat of a reluctant dawn, the night is fading and with that I and my lungs dress to visit the corridor of replacement parts, put on the mask of bravery, strum the golden lyre and sing honest songs on the largess this life offers, the true gift of a new organ, push the reset button with the death of another poor soul, salty river of grief delivering joy to my family and we meditate on the mutable nature of fate and justice, why am I so lucky? Tell Me – as we sign, co-sign, and have witnessed a contract from patient and her caregiver, we will love, honor and follow directives for the maintenance of said precious organ, we do solemnly swear in signing our agreement legal and...

My Heart is Bruised, Not Broken

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I'm taking part in a Disability Writing Emporium this weekend sponsored by Two Thirds of the Planet, a new-ish website that takes into account that two-thirds of the planet (see what they did there?) has a connection to disability. This month has been difficult because I've started writing something that I thought would be a memoir when it grows up. I started writing about how living with disabilities has touched my life. I've talked about the physical impact. I've talked about the emotional impact. I haven't thought of how it affected me spiritually. I'd like to share with you all my thinking. When I was young and saw people who were "more disabled" than I was, I remember thinking that God must have a reason for making me the way I am. He must have a purpose for my life that made me s...