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Spirit and Flesh – Prayerful Tuesday

Spirit and Flesh – Prayerful Tuesday

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A Meditation from the Works of Julian of Norwich Stained Glass window of Julian of Norwich, Church of St. Julian, Norwich UK For just as our bodies are clothed in garments, our flesh enclosed by our skin, our hearts centered in our body, so are we, spirit and flesh, clothed head to toe in the goodness of God. But this metaphor hardly does justice, for all things will decline and wear out. God’s goodness, however, is everlasting, and is incomparably nearer to us than our very flesh. Julian of Norwich 14th century Anchorite We are clothed in God, clothed in the goodness of God. These words have been especially comforting to me today as last week was an especially difficult one.  Just knowing God, Spirit, and Christ are closer to me than my own flesh has kept me going. S...
Postcards from Route 66

Postcards from Route 66

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I turned 66 on 5 April 2015.  The following are some "postcards" -- only a tiny sample:  their name is "Legion", for they are many -- in aphoristic form of a few of the lessons I believe I have learned from that six-plus-decades-and-counting of experience. o For those of you who still believe in a personal God, some lessons from those dim and dusty times when I did, also ... Don’t waste time trying to discern and follow “God’s will”. God’s will is either obvious – so obvious that you don’t need God to show it to you – or, if it is not obvious, it is unknowable. I spent the better part of my 66 years believing in and trying to discover and do "God’s will", and never experienced any assurance whatsoever that I succeeded. Hay-yull's bay-yulls and Oyster Shay-yulls! What do you think made me ...

Prepare the Way – Prayerful Tuesday

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Matthew 3:3 This is the one of whom the prophet Isaiah spoke when he said, “The voice of one crying out in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’” Unfortunately I never had children.  However, I have been blessed to be Grammy to my husband John’s two youngest grandchildren.  I remember how excited I was to hear our Daughter-in-Law, Laura, tell us she was pregnant and I could hardly wait to see this new addition to our family.  Liam was born on John’s birthday in 2007 and he is now 7 year old, actually soon to be 8 and is becoming a wonderful young man. I have been thinking about what it took to prepare for Liam’s arrival.  So many things go into preparing for newborn; baby clothes, blankets, crib, diapers, binkies, blankets, toys, rattles, bottles, boot...