Twinkle Lights

A River of Stones, aros, Christianity, Christmas, Poetry, Spirituality, Theology
Twinkle lights on a tree during the day unlit after Christmas. Something coming? Or something past? ~Terri Stewart January, 2011 A Small Stone There is much talk about post-modern Christianity, post-modern church, and even becoming post-denominational or post-Christian.  Meaning the world and the way faith communities operate better change or they will be left behind, left out, and left to die.  This is especially prevalent in the great unwashed Pacific NW.  Here to be part of a faith community is unusual.  80% of people are not in a faith community.  So, is Christmas dying?  i.e. is Christianity a remant of the past? Or does it still hold something?  What is that something?  How can it become something new?  What is the new thing being born?  What needs to pass away?  P.S.  Pink font


A River of Stones, aros, Christianity, Poetry, Religion, Scripture, Spirituality, Theology
was it the shepherds? the magi? or ancient simeon? or is it every time we love our neighbor? becoming epiphany. ~Terri Stewart January, 2011 A Small Stone Today, January 6, is the day the Christian (protestant) calendar marks as epiphany.  Epiphany is from the Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, meaning appearance or manifestation.  Unless we, in the Christian tradition, make Christ live through a continuous manifestation of love, celebrating epiphany is empty.  So go forth and manifest!