smallstone 18

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An unexpected shrill fills the air and we rush to the telephone. Technology identifies an unexpected caller and questions start swirling through the frontal lobe worrying about safety and health but filled with a biting curiosity. Then her flattened, bubble of a voice floats through the etherworld and lands in my ear and I wonder not about safety or health, but about developing boundaries.   On the occasion of a young woman from detention calling my cell phone.

Haiku Moment Wednesday

A River of Stones, aros, Haiku, Poetry, smallstone, smallstones, Spirituality, wowh
A haiku moment is a point in time where you "honor, hold, and fully experience a fleeting moment that takes you out of yourself, a moment that hints at the deeper unity that lies beneath the surface of things."(1) What is your haiku moment today?   purring cat climbs into my lap vibrations of love     (1) Margaret D. McGee, Haiku-the sacred art:  A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines, (Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths, 2009)